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Who we are

Little Purple Giraffe is a family-run business, started in March 2013. We are a family of four (two beautiful kids) and so we know firsthand the joys and delights, but also, stresses and strains of what parenting is all about!  The experience we have gained and the little lessons we have learned along the way have helped us as we try to develop products that are both practical and at the same time funky! We know that parents have an extremely difficult task and so we want to do our little bit to help in any way that we can.

What we do

Little Purple Giraffe is centred around the comfort and well-being of your little one. As such, our products are developed with them at the forefront of our minds. We make a variety of super-soft comfort soothing blankets made out of funky designer fabric with ribbons attached for babies/toddlers. We call these "Snuggies" and "Car Seat Snuggles". Our latest product has been developed with mummy and daddy in mind! We call it the "Burpie". This is a small cloth made out of designer material with terry cloth on the back to catch all those messy moments during feeding and burping time! Look out for more exciting products from Little Purple Giraffe over the coming months! For more information on each of Our Products, please visit our products page by clicking here and select an individual product to find out more about it.


All of the products at Little Purple Giraffe are individually handcrafted and unique.We are passionate about our products and all of our work is carefully carried out to ensure that they arrive with you in perfect condiction.



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