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The Snuggie

At present, our most popular selling product is our 'Snuggie'. This is a small comfort blanket with coloured satin tags and is available in two sizes - Small (23cm x 22cm) and Large (30cm x 30cm). It is made out of super-soft Minky fabric which you little one (and you!) will be able to snuggle up to time and time again! On one side it has a fun print and on the other it has a soft dimple texture which is a great way for babies to develop their sense of touch! You can choose from a large selection of fronts and backs in our Shop. There are usually 16 ribbons around the outside of the a small blanket and 20 around a large to keep those little hands out of mischief! Ribbons used are a combination of solid colours and printed polka dots. Each Snuggie is handmade so no two will be the same. Our Snuggies have been rigorously tested and are CE Certified, meeting the EU Standards for Small toys. A Snuggie makes a great gift for your little one...or even a great baby gift for someone you know. Check out our video and photos below for more insights into the "Snuggie".

Here are some examples from our range of Snuggies:

Snuggies are available with many different front and back combinations. As the customer, you have complete design control as you can create a bespoke Snuggie and customise it to suit your needs. For the sake of ease, we have divided the fronts and backs up as "Boys" and Girls". However, if you find that there is a combination that is not available and you would really like it, then please get in contact via the form in the Contact section and we will do our utmost to try to meet your request. When you have made your choice, feel free to visit our Shop where you can then place your order.

Available Fronts - Boys

Beep (Blue)

Beep (White)


Planes (Navy)

Planes (Blue)

Owls (Blue)

Available Backs - Girls




Monkeys (Pink)

Night Owls

Pink Bloom

Hello Kitty

Baby Pink


Available Backs - Boys

Available Fronts - Girls

Baby Blue

Deep Blue


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"The Snuggie" is a great way for babies/toddlers to soothe themselves without the need for mummy/daddy to be by their side 24/7. Babies develop at an alarming rate and they very quickly find ways/methods of comforting themeselves (apart from mummy and daddy of course!) and so a comfort blanket is a perfect way for them to develop this ability. If you would like some more information about security blankets and the importance of transitional objects for self-soothing, we recommend reading these two articles:


Security Blanket for Children by the Early Childhood Parenting Center (ECPC)




Transitional Objects by Kathi's Mental Health Review.




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